Online Dating: A Man’s Most Important State of Mind

Online Dating: A Man’s Most Important State of Mind

There are untold riches in the form of female companionship waiting for you online if only you’ll change one thought regarding how you’ll find success there.

Most men have this idea that they are “winning” when they take a woman to bed. Somehow, they’ve won the prize.

Think about how this works in your own mind. What are your own thoughts about winning the lottery? One in a million? Worse?

How often have you actually won a prize in a contest or drawing? Not many, I’d assume.

And so, if you think of “getting a woman” or even “getting a date” as the prize, your mind will automatically cause you to play in the same defeatist, resigned way you look at a contest.

And you’d depend on luck, or making it a numbers game.

If luck had anything to do with getting women, I’d have none.

Towards the end of my marriage, my wife beat my self-confidence to a pulp. I thought I was ugly, unattractive, and worthless. I lost my wife, I nearly lost my home, came within a few nickels of actually going broke. . . things were bad. Very bad.

So meeting women, for a while, was not a possibility.

But once I made this principal change in my mindset, everything changed for me.

When you truly understand how women work, you will operate wholly differently than you currently do. Women online are actually there to meet YOU, too. They view a good guy as a prize as much as you view a good woman.

So, here is the critical mindset you have to have in order to be successful online:

You are actually the prize as much as she is.

By winning her imagination and TAKING HER TO BED, you are not TAKING anything from her, but GIVING!

Success with online dating is about GIVING in order to receive.

It’s about Giving women what they want. What they REALLY want, even if they don’t say it outright.

It’s about letting women give to you what YOU want. And creating the opportunities for them to do that.

It’s about reading between the lines, and talking between the lines. And getting between the sheets.

It’s about standing out online in such a way that by the time you actually meet, she is already yours.

Doesn’t that sound like the right approach to attracting women?

To put this idea to work for you, you’ve got to work on your “pregame” thinking. Build yourself up in your own mind as being worthy (even if right now you don’t think you are), as being attractive (even if right now you don’t think you are), as smart and funny (again. . . even if there is something you have to overcome, you must believe this to be true).

The truth of the matter is, if you don’t believe you are the prize, no one else ever will.

There is one danger in all of this. Some guys take this “worthiness” too far, and come across like an arrogant Jerk. Don’t do that! Write and communicate with confidence, not arrogance, and you’ll become the prize she seeks.