Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: How They Work

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: How They Work

The world of sports betting has exploded since the introduction of the Internet. Due to the huge popularity and its widespread availability the Internet has lured the giants of the gambling world to lock horns on the World Wide Web as well as on the high streets. As well as the established names of the gambling world new online off shore businesses have been spreading everywhere. As a result the Internet has become a hugely lucrative and competitive marketplace for literally hundreds of gambling sites.

You may have noticed visiting various sports sites and even completely irrelevant web addresses that many carry banners offering odds and links to betting sites. These are affiliates; they earn money by generating customers for the large sites. This may sound like an aloof way of earning money, something that will only be available to the industry hot shots, but the truth is very different.

The online sports betting industry is a hugely profitable market, creating billions of dollars in revenue each and every year. Therefore like any vast industry, the rewards for the largest companies are equally huge so there is an inherent competitiveness between all companies to maximise their profits and increase their visibility. Many sites campaign through magazines, sports events and even television sponsorship. But the primary way for sites to reach visitors on the Internet is through affiliate marketing advertising campaigns. These advertising slots are essentially free marketing space for gaming sites, the more exposure they can get the more likely they are to reach their potential customer base. If one of these affiliates should attract a customer to the sports betting site, then they will be rewarded with huge bonuses or percentages of players’ total money generated for the site.

It sounds simple because it is, companies will pay to get more players on their site. Through affiliate programs they can reach online audiences a click away from their site. The value of a new member is incalculable, with the potential personal investment and word of mouth advertising they can create, therefore the online gaming sites are more than willing to give their affiliates a healthy cut of the players’ profits. Similarly the sports betting sites are not particular about which sites are worthy to house their advertisements. They are willing to supply any website owner with the banners and marketing tools for free. Because any extra advertising no matter where and no matter how many times it is accessed can be invaluable, especially when it is free.

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